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Sponsored by Viega

PEX for Profit: Maximizing the Billable Efficiency with Pex Systems

Date: Thursday, Jan. 18th, 2018
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Free Member Webinar 

On-boarding. Training. Field Experience. Customer Service. Sales. Profitability. Put all of these words together in relation to placing a technician in front of a customer, and even the most seasoned business owner will get the chills! Today’s sales driven service providers continuously have their profitability undermined by poor billable efficiency. Do not let your product choices and offerings stand in the way of maximizing on-site efficiency of your technicians. Train them, teach them, and give them the tools and quality systems to succeed. In today’s world of tech-savvy and information-overloaded consumers, having the right product in the hands of the right person at the right time is critical. PEX system solutions are an excellent addition to providing the professional service and quality on which you build your company name. 

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Speaker:  Bo DeAngelo, Viega 
Sponsor:  PHCC Educational Foundation and Viega 


5 Lead Magnet Ideas to Supercharge Your 2018 Web Marketing Strategy

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 31st, 2018
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Free Member Webinar 

 Join Market Hardware’s team of experts as they help you implement the five most effective lead-generation strategies for P-H-C businesses:

  1. Getting your most loyal customers to build up your reputation in your local market (modern-day word-of-mouth)
  2. The TRUE level of urgency for a Mobile-Responsive Website and SSL Certificate (we can’t wait to share the secret!)
  3. How those annoying ads that follow you around the Internet can actually be a huge game-changer for your brand (with case studies to show why)
  4. Why educating your clients about DIY-repairs is the best way to maintain market dominance – especially if you’re not looking to grow your business in 2018
  5. When to expect Google Home Services to flip your marketing upside down (or right-side up, if you’re prepared)

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Speaker: Matt Horn, Doug Schatz and Alain Parcan. Market Hardware 
Sponsor:  PHCC Educational Foundation and Viega 


The Flint Michigan Water Crisis: What Went Wrong and Can it Happen Again

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 14th, 2018
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm ET
Free Member Webinar 

What went wrong in Flint, Michigan? Join us as we examine the timeline and uncover the actions – or inactions – of local, state and federal officials. Was this an isolated incident, or simply a focal point of what is now a widespread problem with water quality and a deteriorating public infrastructure? Let’s look at how we can prevent these issues from happening in the future!

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Speaker:  Sean Cleary, IAPMO
Sponsor:  PHCC Educational Foundation and Viega 

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