Brave Enough To Look In The Mirror?

August 19, 2011

By Bill Harrison

Decades ago I watched the Dallas Cowboys defeat their opponent on a lousy field - rain, mud, etc. After the game the opposing coach was whining about field conditions. I was struck with an "aha" moment - the field was lousy on both sides of the ball. Dallas just made the proper adjustments and did what it took to win.

Are you whining about "lousy field conditions"? Or are you willing to look in the mirror of objective reality - the mirror of results. Take a careful look at the results you are achieving. Are those results what you really want? Really?

Or perhaps you are making excuses for why the results are not better. "It's not my fault" is what I often hear. It is the fault of team members, the economy, inspectors, contractors, poor blue prints, other subcontractors, customers, etc., etc., etc.

The field is the same on both sides of the ball.

Are you still trying to get service tickets filled out properly? Are you frustrated because there are too many mistakes? Wonder why we can't get it done right the first time? Still fighting the same fires over and over? (Most fires are caused by arson)

Like the Dallas Cowboys, you can adjust and do what it takes or you can just accept what you get. This industry is not for observers; it is for participants!

Take a deep breath! Start defining and make a written list of what needs to be "fixed". Do a thorough job of creating the list; regardless of how long it grows. Break it down by division or department or work area or whatever makes sense.

Now, take another deep breath! Start assigning responsibilities to individuals to champion the improvement areas. The champion is responsible for positive change; but not for all the work. The champion can select other team members to participate; even team members from across department or other lines.

Get the right champion, and the right folks to help, and you will win the game regardless of field conditions. Set priorities for working thru the list and just do it. Do not get discouraged; it takes time to work the list. It could even take years; but it is worth it!

If you are not in a controlled and carefully monitored improvement program - you are falling behind.

Struggling with this? Call The Coach!

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