Materials Handling

March 20, 2003

Proper material handling is an easy way to increase your productivity.

Compare the prices and service levels of the supply houses in your area. Approach the one who gives you the best value in both areas with an offer to use them as your exclusive source of materials whenever possible—if they will provide you with a few extra services.

You can avoid unnecessary stockpiling of materials on the job site by having the supplier deliver only the materials you need for the work currently being done, guaranteed to be there when you need it. Have these deliveries palletized, with separate shrink-wrapped pallets for each work area.

Have the supplier clearly label all delivery crates and boxes with their contents to prevent labor from rummaging through the whole delivery for a particular piece.

Remember, though you may not be able to get all these services for free, you will not get any of them if you do not ask.

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