Tool Management, Part 2

March 20, 2003

If there are a limited number of a certain tool, proper scheduling can help prevent two people from needed the tool at the same time. A helper could be assigned to use the tool to prefabricate the items that require the tool while others work to install the finished materials.

Proper scheduling and planning can also reduce your tool rental costs. A piece of rental equipment that sits unused on the site because it was delivered before it was needed is obviously a profit sinkhole. Be flexible enough to change delivery dates on rental equipment before it gets to the site if that equipment is not yet needed.

If you know that one of the other trades will need to use a crane or powerlift device on the job site, try to schedule you work accordingly. You may be able to buy a portion of that device’s time on the site to take care of your needs at a lower cost. Cooperate with other subs to share rental costs.

For larger companies, consider hiring a part-time tool manager may increase efficiency. You may be able to hire someone who has worked for a tool rental company. A person with this work background should already know good tool tracking techniques and may be able to reduce your costs by performing tool repairs in house.

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