Using P.S. to Sell Part 2

August 6, 2003

9 P.S. Ideas For Your Sales Letters (continued)

By: By Ray Jutkins

Research has shown that 79% of all people who open your direct mail will read the P.S. first, before reading anything else in the letter, or any other part of the mail package.

P.S. Idea #5.
Repeat your telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address. Remind people they can return the reply card, walk into your store, visit your showroom or trade show stand, take a demonstration - let your marketplace know you are available to do business. And want to do business with them. Now!

P.S. Idea #6.
Repeat your Limited Time Offer - your deadline date, time, number. LTOs gain additional response because of the urge to action. If you have an LTO - repeat it in your P.S. Remind your audience of what they will get by doing business with you now - before the deadline passes.

P.S. Idea #7.
Repeat the last call to action. Obviously, in direct mail you are asking your marketplace to do something. To take some action. To call this number, send this fax, complete this application, visit this store, sign up for this conference - Do something! Repeat your call to action in the P.S.

P.S. Idea #8.
Reinforce your offer. Repeat it and outline the one or two key benefits of your offer. What it will do. Or make, earn or save, how it will make you look or feel so good. Tell your offer story from the customers side of the fence.

P.S. Idea #9.
Summarize your entire sales message in your P.S. A 2-page letter can be summarized in a single paragraph P.S. A 4- to 6-page letter may need a P.P.S., too. Yes, it is possible to distill to a few short sentences your sales message. Do it in the P.S.

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