Motivating Employees

April 3, 2003

Motivating Employees to New Heights

By: Chris DeVany

Where does motivation start? From within, what we value, who we value and how we communicate what we value to who we value.

Yes, yes, I know, you may need to re-read that last sentence. The bottom line is that to motivate others you need to know what motivates you. “Why?”, you ask. Because if you aren’t sure you’re motivated, how can you possibly expect to motivate others.

Let’s share a quick “Top 10 Punch List” of motivation-related questions, critical to growing your business:

  1. What motivates you?

  2. What motivates others? (It's not always money)

  3. How do the goals of your organization align with what motivates others?

  4. How effectively do the rewards and incentives you offer address what others value?

  5. Where do your people see themselves one, two, three and five years from now?

  6. Where do your people see your organization one, two, three and five years from now?

  7. If your people were put in charge of the organization or their department for a day, what changes would they make?

  8. How high a “stake” do you believe others have in your enterprise?

  9. Why do you say that?

  10. What “values” are you and others communicating daily in the workplace?

Speaking of “communicating values”, a recent Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide survey of Fortune 1000 companies indicates these common “communicated values” among top performing organizations and divisions:
  • We Value Our Customers

  • We Value Our People

  • We Value Our Teamwork

  • We Value Our Drive to Continuously Improve

  • We Value Our Integrity

  • We Value Quality Service

  • We Value Effective Communication

  • We Value Our Performance

To you, the valued reader: This isn’t rocket science, unless that’s your business. Your 4-Step Action Plan:
  1. Clearly understand what motivates you.

  2. Clearly understand what motivates others (ask them).

  3. Continually provide and develop highly-valued incentives and rewards.

  4. Know and communicate your company’s “values” in your actions, as well as your words.

(c) Christopher R. DeVany. All rights reserved.
Chris DeVany is the president of Pinnacle Performance Improvement Worldwide, a management consulting and training firm. For more information, call 508-358-8070, send Chris an e-mail at or visit their Web site at

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