Better Hiring Practices Part 3

May 15, 2006

How to Interview and Hire Top People Each and Every Time
By: Gregory P. Smith

Step 5 -- Process.
The best interview follows a structured process. This doesn’t mean the entire process is inflexible without spontaneity. What it means is, each applicant is asked the same questions and is scored with a consistent rating process. A structured approach helps avoid bias and gives all applicants a fair chance. The best way to accomplish this is by using behavioral based questions and situational questions.

Behavior Based Questions
Behavioral based questions help to evaluate the applicant’s past behavior, judgment, and initiative. Here are some examples:

  • Give me an example when you . . .

  • Describe a crisis your organization faced and how you managed it.

  • Tell me about the time you reached out for additional responsibility.

  • Tell me about the largest project you worked on.

  • Tell me about the last time you broke the rules.

Situational Based Questions

Situational based questions evaluate the applicant’s judgment, ability, and knowledge. The interviewer first gives the applicant a hypothetical situation such as:

“You are a manager, and one of your employees has just told you he thinks another worker is stealing merchandise from the shop.”

  • What should you do?

  • What additional information should you obtain?

  • How many options do you have?

  • Should you call the police?

  • Use all these tools together to ensure that you hire nothing but the best!

    Greg Smith helps create high performance organizations that attract, keep, and motivate their workforce. As President of Chart Your Course International he has designed and implemented professional development programs for hundreds of organizations globally. As a business growth consultant, he has helped business owners reduce turnover, increase sales, deliver better customer service, and reach long-term prosperity. Greg is published in hundreds of trade publications. He is also the author of Here Today, Here Tomorrow: Transforming Your Workforce from High Turnover to High Retention, the New Leader, and several other books. For more information, visit or call (800) 821-2487 or (770) 860-9464.

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