New Year's Marketing Part 1

May 15, 2006

By: Matt Michel

Sometimes we make things too hard. Here are some simple things you can do to boost your sales in the new year. Make it a new year’s resolution to implement one of these ideas each week during the month of January.

1. Coach your service technicians to be friendly. Homeowners remark again and again how much they like friendly technicians.

2. Give everyone in your company a business card. Technicians should present them at the start of a service call. People save business cards.

3. Give technicians photo ID badges. Using equipment from your office supply store, it’s simple to create photo ID badges to clip on a uniform.

4. Place mirrors by the call taker’s phone. People can hear a smile.

5. Collect email addresses and send your customers email newsletters. Fill the newsletter with items that will interest your readers (hint: this is not news about your company). Include Internet-only specials.

6. Take digital images of your customers and your work to add credence to their testimonials.

7. Follow up on every service call to see how you performed. Follow up to collect information and to identify future sales opportunities.

8. Give your technicians a supply of breath spray and spray on scent. This is especially important for smokers.

9. Present add-ons and bundles on every repair and quote. Tonight I was upsold by CiCi’s Pizza. Last week, while Christmas shopping, two retailers sold me additional items at the cash register. They were the only two who even asked.

10. Remind people that you are “family owned.”

11. Add your website to every piece of literature you use.

12. Paperclip a business card to every bill you pay, personally and professionally.

Next, Part 2: Tips 13-25.

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