Meaningful Meetings

March 24, 2006

By: Bill Harrison

In working with a recent client it was obvious that communication was a disaster.

Meetings went on endlessly and most people left the meeting without a clue as to why the meeting was called. Rarely was any action taken after a meeting; at least actions that gained any positive result.

It was obvious that some meetings were called to discuss issues only one person was in-volved with. Usually focus was lost early on and irrelevant tangents explored again and again and again. Everyone, including the owner, was frustrated. They asked for help.

  • We developed an agenda for every meeting that was determined to be essential.

  • Two meetings a month were abolished because they served no purpose.

  • No meeting was permitted to exceed one hour.

  • Everyone was required to come to the meeting prepared – especially the person heading the meeting.

  • Only those who absolutely needed to attend were invited.

  • Every meeting ended with a clear understand-ing of who was going to do what and by when.

And the result:
Net profits went up by 1% the next quarter.

Bill Harrison is President of the Phoenix Leadership Institute, Inc. and can be reached at (703) 909-8230 or by e-mail:
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