Soft Offers Can Test the Market

March 26, 2007

The Mousetrap Series…by Matt Michel

The Mousetrap Series is about helping you sell more mousetraps, no matter what the mousetrap is that you sell. I don’t care how good your mousetrap is, few people will buy it if you do not market it well.

7. Include Soft Offers to Better Test the Media

Marketing fails when you have the wrong audience, timing, or offer. Unfortunately, you often don’t know what is causing the failure. A soft offer can help. Soft offers are low level offers that do not cost you much and are no-brainers to the buyer. They are "can’t lose" offers.

An example of a soft offer used by Ahron Katz in Dallas was a free carbon monoxide detector. Katz gave people the same carbon monoxide detector that pilots use (i.e., the button type). They cost a few dollars when purchased in bulk and it gave him a chance to see if his media was working, while also building his customer list.

If the soft offer works and the regular offer does not, it’s a sign that the media is good, but the offer or timing is not. If the soft offer fails, it’s an indication that the media was wrong. Soft offers provide a diagnostic element to your marketing.

What kinds of soft offers can you include?

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