Technician Checkbook

September 10, 2007

By: Matt Michel
Give you technicians a checkbook.  Now before you fall over backwards, laughing at me, I want to note there are some constraints.  The checks are pre-printed, not for the amount, but for the recipient.  The recipient is your company.

The checks are made out in advance to your company and can only be used with your company.  The tech fills in the date, the memo to indicate the purpose of the check, and he or she signs them.  In other words, the checks are a glorified coupon, but with greater intrinsic value.

It’s greater intrinsic value to the technicians as well.  They have fun whipping out the “company checkbook” and writing a check.  They balk at giving out coupons.

When a technician finishes a call, instruct him to knock on the doors of the homes next door to your customer’s.  The tech says,  “Hi, I’m _____ with Your Company.  I just finished doing some work next door and since most of the home’s around here are the same age, I thought you might find yourself needing work.  I’d like to write a check to our company on your behalf.”

He writes a check equal to your diagnostic.  In the memo, he indicates, “new customer.”  Then, he thanks the customer and moves on.

If you want your technicians to actually introduce themselves and write the checks, you’ve got to allow enough time.  When the tech calls in, give him 15 minutes to pass out checks before you give him his next call.

An inherent advantage of the checkbook is that it provides an automatic tracking mechanism.  When the check is turned in, you know with certainty which technician issued it.  Be sure to spiff the tech.

There are lots of creative ways you can use the checkbook.  If a customer has an old water heater, disposal, air conditioner, furnace, etc., the technician can write a check for a trade-in.

I’m not sure who originated the checkbook.  I first heard about this from Tom McCart.  Wish I’d thought of it.

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