The 3 Sales in Every Phone Call

October 1, 2007

By Adams Hudson

Heat and cold drive service calls – and EVERY ONE OF THEM is a potential replacement, upgrade, or maintenance agreement customer. Every one. If you are not segmenting your lists by source, type, transaction amount, and frequency of call you’d best start now. Today. This will be THE most valuable ‘clerical’ thing you could ever do for future targeting. Or you can do “blind archery” instead. Your choice.  No matter what, the weather and your marketing will produce calls. At that point, it’s up to you.

The 3 Sales in Every Phone Call

  1. Getting the appointment. You don’t think this is a sale? Hang out at your receptionist’s desk sometimes. Watch the number of bLinking ‘hold’ lights go out, listen for the ‘We can’t get to you that soon’, and the ‘I’m not sure if we do that.’ Each of those end with hanging up on your end and the caller going elsewhere (with their money and the money you just spent to lose the lead).
  2. Getting the tech or salesperson to the home to first do what the customer requested, with an explanation of same, and a written list showing, proving, demonstrating that the job is complete.
  3. Getting the tech or salesperson to offer a way to prevent this type repair in the future (you think the customer MIGHT appreciate this?) which can open the door to a maintenance agreement. Alternatively, the offer can be to upgrade the customer to a better version of the ‘x’ that just broke. And this is where many fail. The ‘big’ opportunity slips by.

The weather will give you plenty of opportunities to get into people’s homes (providing a great opportunity to get more loyal customers and referrals).  But the closing ratio among homeowners who are ready to buy can kill you.

Adams Hudson is president of Hudson, Ink, a creative marketing firm for contractors. Call 1-800-489-9099 to ask about ordering summer postcards or  We’ve added fresh new designs for the season plus industry-specific messages.  For a free marketing newsletter, “Sales&Marketing Insider”, fax your letterhead with the request to 334-262-1115.   


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