What the Current Climate Demands

March 15, 2010

By Bill Harrison

There is a secret for you to not only deal with the current tough business climate, but to actually thrive.  That secret is: Collaboration

You must embrace this word and every concept it entails if you are to survive and thrive during these challenging times. Indeed, this will be the secret for your continued success for a very long time. It is time to harness the power of your team and others to find and implement the solutions required by the continuing challenges in the industry.   

The good news for our leaders today is that you can discard your superhero’s cape. One person does not need to figure everything out; indeed, they can’t. Today’s leaders and managers must get the right folks in a room and focus on solutions. The team members remaining in your organization are the A players; if not fix that before you start.

The solutions you are seeking will determine who needs to be in the room. Create an environment where everyone gets to participate. Do not shut down what some might consider a “dumb idea.” When the collaboration really kicks in many great solutions will start with a dumb idea.

Consider outsiders for inclusion in your collaboration. This could be accountants, insurance folks, bonding agents, association leaders, retired folks from the company, etc. “But Bill, this takes time away from getting things done,” I hear you say. Wrong.

It is not important to get things done; but it is critical to get the right things done. Charging off in six directions at once is not working. Get folks in the room and get a plan; a good plan. Meet regularly and refine the plan. You must harness the power of your team to get through these challenges.

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