A Dozen Miscellaneous, Marketing No Brainers, Part 2

June 14, 2010

By Matt Michel

When you’re busy running a business, it’s easy to overlook low hanging fruit.  We don’t do some of the simple things that would make our lives easier, companies better, and marketing more effective.  Here are 12 miscellaneous no-brainers. 

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7. Include a Tracking Number On All Advertising
If you’re doing a substantial amount of advertising, include a unique tracking number on every ad and marketing piece.  Your call takers should ask how the homeowner got your number and ask for the number on the ad or brochure.  This allows you the ability to determine which ads and media are the most effective for the investment.  Oh, and don’t forget your Facebook ads, email marketing, and website landing pages.

8. Include All Contact Info on All Collateral
Surprisingly, many contractors forget to include their website on printed material.  Others may include the website, but leave off the phone number.  Include all essential contact information on all collateral. 

9. Position Your Contact Info on the Upper Right Corner of Your Webpage
Unless you’ve designed a webpage specifically for mobile phones, position your phone number in the upper right corner of your website.  This makes it easy to access by prospects browsing for your number using a Blackberry and several other types of mobile phone.

10. Include Low Level Soft Offers in Advertising for High Dollar Work
If you’re running ads for air conditioner replacements, generator sets, bathroom remodels, or other relatively expensive investments, your response rate will be reduced in proportion to the cost of the work.  If the response rate is low, you might have poor timing, an unattractive offer, or you might be advertising in unread media.  Which is it?  You don’t know.

Adding a second, soft offer for a “free report” or a relatively inexpensive purchase will help you identify if people are seeing your ad and responding.  If people respond to the low level offer, but not the main offer, either your timing is off or your offer needs adjusting.  Low level offers help you salvage something when the offer or timing is off and serve as a diagnostic for poor media choices.

11. Pay Per Inquiry or Per Order
Per inquiry (PI) or per order (PO) advertising means you pay when the phone rings or when you make a sale.  This is commission advertising.  It’s more acceptable today than in the past thanks to the pay per click mentality of Internet advertising.  Some advertising mediums will only accept PI or PO ads when there’s “remnant” or unsold space available.  Others will offer it as an initial trial to prove the effectiveness of their publication. 

When Michael Reagan was just starting his nationally syndicated radio show, I took out per inquiry ads for a year.  If I could pull this off on a nationally syndicated radio show, you might be able to pull it off in a local market.  Especially in today’s economy, it never hurts to ask.

12. Take an Agency Discount
If you place your own ads without using an ad agency, be sure to tell the advertiser you are an in-house agency and want the standard 15% agency discount.  Virtually every magazine, newspaper, television station, and radio station is prepared to give you 15%.  It’s built into their pricing.  You might as well take it.

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