“Do It Yourself” Apprentice Resources

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PHCC Educational Foundation offers a number of resources for contractors to start and maintain their own apprentice-focused programs.

“Do It Yourself” Apprentice Program

Looking for information on starting your own apprentice program? The PHCC Educational Foundation has the curriculum you need as the basis for DOL-required related instruction. Our program is designed around the federal requirement of 576 hours in 4 years, but you can customize it to meet your local needs.

Questions? Contact phccacademy@naphcc.org.

The first step is to contact your local apprenticeship coordinator (often DOL) who can walk you through your state’s process for getting a program approved. Links below provide you with the PHCC Educational Foundation’s federal DOL-approved program, which you can adapt to your local needs. Of course, we recommend the PHCC Educational Foundation’s training curriculum, which was developed by contractors, educators, and code experts for training apprentices to be well-rounded plumbing or HVACR technicians.

  • Training Facility – adequate space, training equipment and supplies, classroom technology
  • Instructors – availability of qualified instructors
  • Apprentices – enough apprentices to train
  • Training Materials – textbooks and instructor materials, lab equipment and supplies
  • Other options – is eLearning a viable option versus classroom instruction?

“Do It Yourself” Apprentice Contests

Apprentice contests are a great way to motivate your apprentices and put their skills to the test. Many local and state contests are held each spring and winners are sent to the national contests in the fall.

Questions? Contact phccacademy@naphcc.org.

Do It Yourself Apprentice Contest – Plumbing

Do It Yourself Apprentice Contest – HVAC