Foundation Management Workshops

Essentials of Project Management Class

The PHCC Foundation’s management workshops are intensive and highly interactive training sessions designed to show everyone involved in a p-h-c project (owners, senior managers, project managers, estimators, foremen and job superintendents) how common-sense changes to the way projects are managed can boost productivity, slash waste and add more profit to the company’s bottom line.

Forget the textbooks – our sessions feature instructors who have worked in our industry and focus on real-life situations attendees run into every day, not abstract theory.

Business Owner and Manager’s Strategic Management Workshop

Two-Days of Powerful Sessions and Information Sharing
Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22 at the Viega Training Center in Nashua, New Hampshire
Presented by Kirk Alter and Nate Koetje
Sponsored & Hosted by Viega

Trying to Keep Up With a Rapidly Changing World?

The world and our industry are changing faster than you can keep up. Even with making some investments in new systems and technology, it seems that when things get busy, employees are falling back into the old habits they have relied on in the past. You can’t find good help. And getting the people you have working together as intended has been tough. All this has kept you and your management team too busy to really think about strategy, the economy, recruiting methods and (eventually) succession planning.

We Are Here to Fix That!Roll Up Your Sleeves

Created for current and future contractor business owners and key managers, plus promising talent working their way into one of those positions. If your picture is on the web site “Contact Us” page (or will be), you belong in this workshop.

There will be plenty of facilitated attendee discussions, designed to reveal the best practices being used by leading companies across the country. This is a rare chance – bring your hardest management and strategic questions – together Kirk Alter and your fellow attendees will help you find answers in our class built to share ideas & get solid feedback. Learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to technology, culture, processes, recruiting new hires marketing and management.

No boring lectures – expect engaging discussions on what it will take to be a market leader over the next five years.

This workshop will be held June 21 & 22 at Viega’s Seminar Center
Nashua, New Hampshire – Near Manchester-Boston Airport

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Creating Super Foremen Workshop

The project foreman needs to be much more than just a talented journeyman who knows how to “go fast.” The foreman is the first line of management in the company, and must become the quarterback by learning more than just the technical trade skills required to install the work.

Like a quarterback, he must have a carefully crafted and practiced game plan (or else it’s sandlot football), he must be able to execute the plan, he must be able to adjust the plan when teammates stumble or show less talent, he must provide accurate feedback to the coaches on the bench, and he must AT ALL TIMES keep his eyes on the goal of winning the game.

That’s what this two-day program is about…Winning the Construction Project Game!

The next session of this workshop will be held May 31 & June 1st in Broomfield, Colorado at Viega’s Training Center.
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Here is a lesson where our course director explains the best method he has found for managing job site labor bad behaviors.

Essentials of Project Management Class

Offered each March at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA (Near Wash. Dulles Airport)

In the four-day Essentials of Project Management course, experienced project managers will pick up dozens of new ideas on site management, scheduling, cash flow and finances, marketing and how to manage people. New project managers and foremen who are making the transition from the field to the office gain the know-how they need to manage projects the right way from the start. The course also gives new or future business owners a head start on what they need to know to survive in the construction business.

The next Essentials class will be held March 18 to 21, 2020.

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Mark WeaverI should know this, but I was very surprised to see that we all have the same problems. But we are all coming up with very unique and creative ways to solve those common problems.

That was one of the biggest take-aways for me, was how do I solve the same problems that everyone is having.
— Mark Weaver, Project Manager at COPPERA in Taylor, Texas

While the class is designed for project managers, anyone involved in the construction management process will benefit from learning about what it takes to successfully manage projects, including:
• Subcontractor Business Owners & Top Managers
• Project Managers
• Estimators
• Lead Foremen
• Superintendents

Topics for each class are customized for the needs of the attendees in the room, but core topics typically include:
• Grading Your Customers
• The Power of Pre-Construction Planning
• Going Beyond Prefabrication
• Construction Finance: The Importance of Project Billing & Cash Flow
• Partnering with Your Suppliers
• Understanding What’s in the Contract
• Knowing When & Why to Say “No”
• Sharing the Plan: Turnover Meetings
• Identifying Lost Time and Delays
• Winning at the Change Order Game
• Using Scheduling to Avoid Delays
• Painless Project Close Outs

Here is a two-minute lesson where our course director explains the true cost of doing that “little” favor on a job site.

Need more? You can watch this webinar with lessons drawn from the class: