Plumbing Assessment Tests

The PHCC Educational Foundation’s Plumbing Assessment Tests are now available for purchase through NOCTI. Following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you gain a better understanding about these tests.

How can the tests be used?

The tests are designed as course-end assessments for each year of apprenticeship in a traditional four-year program. The fourth year tests can also be used as an entry-level journeyman test that employers can use to assess the knowledge of prospective employees. Pre-test and post-test options are available for apprentice schools. Test results can help instructors identify areas of student weakness so that instruction can be enhanced in those areas.

How are the tests administered?

Tests are administered at local testing sites. All tests must be proctored and may be purchased only in the quantity needed for test-takers at that session.

Can I purchase a copy of the test for review or to stock in my office?

No. The PHCC Educational Foundation Plumbing Assessment Tests are standardized tests that have gone through a rigorous validity process similar to that of tests such as the SATs, ACTs, GREs, and other major tests. Test security is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that these tests remain objective and test actual knowledge. Tests must be proctored so that test security and validity are maintained. Tests that are “taught” are poor evaluators of student performance.

Then how do I know what is on these tests?

On the NOCTI web site, you can find links to an assessment blueprint for each test. The blueprints list the specific competencies and skills tested in the assessment, the number of test questions, the amount of time allowed for the test, the weighting of the competencies and skills in the tests, and sample test questions. These assessment tests are based on the same job and task analysis that Foundation subject matter experts prepared when rewriting the plumbing textbooks.

Who can I contact with questions?

Questions about the assessment tests may be directed to