Sam Dowdy, Sr.

The only way to be successful in the plumbing business is to learn. And learning means not only learning what’s out there now, but what’s coming in the future. You have to teach the old generation, you have to reach the young generation, you have to reach out to all the resources you can. PHCC is that source that I believe in and that is why I give back to the [PHCC Educational] Foundation.

As a plumber, I truly believe in what the PHCC Educational Foundation is doing. I believe in PHCC because I love this industry, I love this trade. And as a business owner, someone who has lived a lifetime in this trade, I want to be able to give back for what it has given me. In doing that, I’ve found that the Educational Foundation has been my greatest resource.

I have apprentices who I have put through the education materials that the Foundation puts out, and these kids are better tradesmen plumbers than some of my longtime journeyman plumbers. The materials they put out are excellent and these kids are building a new foundation for our company that will take us to the next generation. That’s my motivation with this is to be able to transition my company to the next generation. I have kids in the business and I want to be able to teach those kids and what needs to be taught – a lot of it – can’t come from “Dad.” It has to come from another source. So I reach out to every source possible. And by far, the educational material that PHCC is providing is absolutely the best.

I so much believe in this, that’s the reason I give.

Sam Dowdy
S&D Plumbing in Taylor, Texas

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