Board of Governors

The PHCC Educational Foundation was established in December 1986 by PHCC members with the goal of helping their fellow contractors be more successful through education and professional training. These contractors believed and still believe that by helping their friends and their competitors, the whole profession benefits.

The majority of our funding can be traced back to over 70 contractors, manufacturers and industry partners who have made major gifts to establish the Foundation’s Endowment Fund. This fund is permanently restricted, with only a portion of the fund’s investment earnings being used to provide funding to develop and maintain Foundation programs. These major donors form the core membership of our committees and together serve as our Board of Governors.

Contractor Members

Kirk & Pam Alter
William Becker
Joseph Beetz
Irwin M. Botto
Daniel R. Burnette
Steve Carder
John “Tim” Ceren
Laurie and Daniel Crigler
Ray Dauenhauer, Sr. (Memorial)
Ray & Connie Dauenhauer, Jr.
James T. Driscoll, Jr.
David & Janet Dugger
Charles “Red” Englert
Richard E. Farrell
David & Jean Fox
John F. Garvelink
Mary Garvelink
Mark Giebelhaus
John Giolitto
James Hansbauer
William L. Harvey
Charles F. Hiley, Sr.
Charles F. Hiley, Jr.
Larry W. Howe
Dick & Patty Irwin
William & Patty Jones
Raymond Jones
Gerard J. Kennedy
Richard R. Kerzetski
Kenneth E. Krauska
Craig & Kathy Lewis
James & Patricia Lewis
William Linek
Joel & Renee Long
William Lynch
Frank & Iris Maddalon
John A. McWilliams
Harold Michel
Alice and Eddie Miller
Joseph “Herb” Miller
Donald & Lorraine Morin
Adam Moyer
Christopher T. Moyer
Jonathan & Susan Moyer
Ron & Jeanette Newman
New York State PHCC
Walter Parkes
Roger Peugeot
PHCC of Massachusetts
Donald Priest
Carl Rice
Steven & Ann Rivers
Steve & Isabella Schaefer
Jim & Sandy Stack
Joseph J. Sullivan
Orville & Doreen Taecker
Dennis Tarpenning
Kevin & Kathy Tindall
William & Bette Trombly
Jo Rae and John Wagner
Patrick Wallner
John & Kate Ward
Rick & Bonnie Whitaker
Fran & Anne Williams
Franklin Youngblood
F. Carl Ziegler
F. Kent Ziegler
R. Scott Ziegler

Corporate Members

Foundation BOG: American Standard
Foundation BOG: Anvil International, Inc.
Foundation BOG: Bradford White
Foundation BOG: Cerro
Foundation BOG: Charlotte
Foundation BOG: Delta
Foundation BOG: Eljer
Foundation BOG: Elkay
Foundation BOG: Federated Insurance
Foundation BOG: Ferguson
Foundation BOG: Insinkerator
Foundation BOG: Kohler
Foundation BOG: Legend
Foundation BOG: Milwaukee
Foundation BOG: Moen
Foundation BOG: Nibco
Foundation BOG: PHCC of Massachusetts
Foundation BOG: PHCC of New York
Foundation BOG: Rheem
Foundation BOG: Trimble
Foundation BOG: Viega
Foundation BOG: Viewpoint
Foundation BOG: Waste King
Foundation BOG: Watts