• 11.15.18

    Jobs Not Sexy Enough? How to Attract Employees Anyway!

    Building on his keynote presentation at CONNECT 2018, Eric Chester reveals today’s best practices for recruiting, training, managing and motivating the under-30 demographic.

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  • 10.08.18

    Maximizing PEX Benefits and Efficiencies

    In this eye-opening, business-boosting webinar, we’re showing you how the latest innovations in PEX systems will improve your bottom line.

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  • 10.08.18

    Innovations for the Drain Cleaning Industry

    Professional drain maintenance is an essential service to offer your customers for many reasons, and having the right tools for the job is critical to success. Milwaukee® enters the drain cleaning industry with the same passion for disruptive innovation that’s made them the leader within the cordless power tool market.

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  • 04.03.18

    Construction Field Management: Yellow Card- Red Card System

    Managing late arrivals, long breaks and other behaviors on the jobsite wastes time and hurts productivity. So, what if there was an easy system that would allow crews and foremen to manage themselves?

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  • 02.06.18

    Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 Indonesia

    The PHCC Educational Foundation is proud to sponsor the 2017 Community Plumbing Challenge. This effort of IWSH, IAPMO and the World Plumbing Council is supporting efforts to improve sanitation and demonstrate that plumbing is vital to global health.

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  • 04.10.17

    I’m a Top Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Business, Why Doesn’t Google Think So?

    That’s a big – and increasingly important question. Especially with all of Google’s recent changes to their search formula (did you know if your site is not

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  • 03.23.17

    How to Maintain a Drug Free Workplace

    As managers, we face a challenge unlike we have ever before encountered — the very real problem of illegal drug usage and its effect on our employees. It is an insidious problem that may involve as many as one in five workers using illegal drugs on the job; 73% of drug abusers hold full-time jobs.… more

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  • 02.10.17

    Exit the Warehouse – A Proven Strategy for Managing Your Inventory

    Are you tired of paying for “lost” inventory? Are your trucks over or under stocked? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this is the webinar for you.

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  • 01.24.17

    4 Steps to Boosting Your New Leads and Winning More Repeat Business

    We all love the feeling of the ‘promising new start’ that the New Year brings. And that’s why right NOW is the time to start putting your Web Marketing strategy in place for 2017. Successful businesses make the right choices, while their competition falls for misleading guarantees and promises from sales reps desperate to meet… more

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  • 12.12.16

    2016 Tax Planning Webinar

    Speaker: Michael Bohinc, CPA, CGMA, PHCC Member and Owner of Keeping Score, Inc. Sponsor: PHCC Educational Foundation and Kohler You may rely on your accountant to take care of your taxes in April, but with the end of the year approaching fast, it’s time to think about what steps you can take now to manage… more

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  • 11.21.16

    "New" Overtime Rules are finally Issued-Get Ready!

    Speaker: Bill Ford, SESCO Management Consultants Sponsor: PHCC Educational Foundation and Kohler It has been over ten years since the Department of Labor overhauled the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime regulations. Over two years ago, President Obama directed the Department of Labor to look at the regulations. As a result, the guaranteed salary to be… more

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  • 11.10.16

    Driving Sales of ENERGY STAR® Water Heaters through Early Replacement

    Presented by: Mark Michalski, Cadmus The ENERGY STAR Program and partnering utilities, energy-efficiency organizations, retailers, and manufacturers are continuing their promotion of early replacement as a means to help consumers understand the value of a certified water heater and drive purchases. Use of a proactive, early replacement sales strategy has helped open up customer dialog… more

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