PHCC Overhead & Profit Calculator

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The PHCC Overhead & Profit Calculator, developed by PHCC Educational Foundation, was made using feedback from contractors who know just what it takes to make businesses successful and profitable. This simple tool helps business owners calculate their real costs and find the right selling price for their company.

Too many contractors set their prices by guessing the price customers will pay or by comparing their pricing to those of their competitors. By not recovering their own true costs, these contractors are essentially working hard every day while putting themselves out of business.

Don’t be one of them!

Thanks to a sponsorship from A.O. Smith, the software is available at no charge. Hit the button below or e-mail us at

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  • Excel-based spreadsheets that calculate break-even rates, profitable selling prices, monthly and annual budgets, target revenue, profit goals and more!
  • Ability to track costs and revenue for up to 50 employees.
  • Ability to allocate employee & overhead costs and revenue across up to 10 different departments.
  • Easier & more precise method to account for office staff costs.
  • Get a properly calculated selling price to use for the entire company or selling prices tailored for each department.
  • New reports worksheet that graphs your data and allows comparisons between employees and departments.
  • New budget worksheets that allow you to build a monthly plan for your revenue and expenses, with instant feedback on how your decisions will impact cash flow.

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