Indoor Air Quality Marketing Challenge

Presented by: Peter Troast, Founder and CEO, Energy Circle

Though whole house retrofits are very often the ideal solution to all kinds of indoor air quality problems, energy auditors and home performance contractors are rarely the first call for homeowners acting on these issues. To typical customers and the people who influence them (like doctors), home performance contractors are not yet the obvious solution.

This frames the challenge of marketing both IAQ diagnostic and retrofit services. We’ll directly address this marketing challenge, and identify tactics and approaches to overcome the lack of understanding and awareness that most homeowners have about the root causes of poor indoor air.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand the different drivers of homeowner concerns about IAQ.
• Learn keywords and concepts that will help direct your messaging.
• Identify specific marketing initiatives that can position your company for this opportunity and grow your IAQ-related leads.
• Hear about what’s working for contractors out there who are successfully marketing IAQ.