Plumbing & HVAC Instructor Boot Camp, Part 2 – Effectively Delivering Instruction

In this series of webinars from the PHCC Educational Foundation, instructors learn the basics of planning and designing course content and presentations, including assessments and other critical classroom management topics to maximize effectiveness in the classroom. At no other time in the history of education has there been so much new information regarding teaching and learning. This series of sessions will provide some of the latest research-based information we have regarding the planning, delivering and evaluating of instruction.

Webinar #2: Tips for Effectively Delivering Instruction

• Teaching so the Brain Learns, Remembers, Forgets and Solves Problems
• Multiple Intelligence (Howard Gardner) and Teaching Strategies
• Differentiating instruction for diverse learners
• Mastery learning as the “philosophy”
• Cooperative learning (it works!)
• Teaching to various learning styles