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The success of your business requires constantly updating the procedures and assumptions that you have relied on in the past. But there is a huge gap between knowing that the things are changing and knowing specifically what needs to be done to adjust. Fortunately, the Foundation has a toolbox to help spotlight what needs your attention.

Overhead and Profit Calculator

“How much should I be charging my customers?” is a core question that every business owner needs to answer. Getting to a solid answer relies on knowing what it costs to run the business. The Overhead and Profit Calculator was created to help service & repair contractors accurately determine their breakeven cost and selling price per billable hour.

Contractors have seen their cost structures shift dramatically since 2020 due to COVID-19, inflation and materials shortage impacts, but may not have stopped to recalculate their break-even and selling price. If you have not examined your current costs and pricing recently, please take the time to do this now. Having accurate information on what it costs to run the company can make or break decisions on staffing, adjusting expenses or what work to chase.

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Overhead and Profit Calculator

New and Updated Tools

Below are new and recently updated tools from the Foundation, Kirk Alter and the “Survive and Thrive in Times of Crises” session attendees in response to COVID-19 impacts.

Productivity can vary greatly depending on jobsite conditions and crew behaviors. The Foundation and construction management speaker Kirk Alter developed the Lost Time Calculator spreadsheet to help attendees of our project management classes quantify how lost time on construction sites translates into dollars.

On top of normal lost production time, construction crews are now facing a variety of new COVID-19 related productivity impacts. Proper documentation is key to recovering those costs from customers. New estimates must build in these impacts as part of new normal jobsite conditions.

Discussed in the April 16th “Survive and Thrive” session:

Lost Time Calculator

Build a picture of expected monthly revenue and forecast potential gaps from job delays.

Shared by Kirk Alter and discussed in the April 9th “Survive and Thrive” session:

Revenue Forecaster

Determine what risks have the greatest potential impact on your company so you can focus your attention on what matters the most.

Shared by Kirk Alter and discussed in the April 16th “Survive and Thrive” session:

Risk Analysis Matrix

Banks and bonding companies want to know your business is healthy and financially fit. With some quick inputs, you can calculate the financial ratios for your company and how they compare with what lenders want to see.

This spreadsheet was created by an attendee in one of the Foundation’s Management workshops, and is based on financial ratios discussed in the book “Financial Management for Contractors” by Jerry Jackson. Discussed in April 30th “Survive and Thrive” session:

Financial Ratios Check-Up

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